Glazed Serving Platters

Drawing inspiration from Japanese aesthetics, our platters celebrate the beauty of imperfection and irregularities allowing the organic nature of clay to shine. The platters bear the mark of the artist’s touch, with intentional irregularities and variations in shape, texture and colour.

As no two platters are the same, please contact us directly to discuss a platter which would best suit your needs.

Please include details of your product enquiry eg. Quantity, timeframe, size, shade (light, dark), or any special motif you would like on your bespoke piece(s).

A note on colour, pattern and shade

The images shown here indicate the shape and size of this product – not the exact colour, pattern and shade.

Our ceramic works undergo blackfiring with natural materials such as leaves, flowers, shed snakeskin and feathers, and seaweed. These materials fire in different and delightful ways, revealing shades ranging from an almost limestone cream, through to gunmetal grey and moody charcoal black.

Shades from light to dark

Of course, this firing can only be performed once, creating one-off ceramic designs.

We endeavour to list the shade as light, medium or dark in this product inventory. Please select one option from the dropdown – I’ll endeavour to match you to a piece with your desired shade. If I don’t have the desired shade, I will advise you, and we can discuss options.

In addition to the monochrome shades, an individual piece may surprise us with touches of colours such as reds, yellows, inky blues, ochres and gold.

We celebrate the variations and individuality  of each piece and we hope you do, too.

~ Elisa Bartels