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Elisa Bartels

Black Fire Ceramics


Evocative works –
complex, seductive and elegant


“My studio is my creative home – where I feel most at peace…

My hands are coated in clay, fingertips running along the soft fronds of ferns or the jagged fragility of snakeskin, packing pieces carefully in amongst natural materials in kilns that fire hotter than lava.

It’s fiery and cool – a thrill of the senses.

An alchemy I find unmatched in any other craft.


Works that are at once, delicately decorative and tough enough for every day use.

plate cup large plate mug

Eat + Drink

Display + Bouquet

Wet + Dry

Ceramic lights blackfire ceramic

Light + Shade



Work is stocked in retail stores, private residences and a 5 Star Michelin restaurant in Paris, and shown in group and solo exhibitions in Australia and overseas.