Black Fired Homeware

Slip cast using Australian clays. I then place leaves found in my garden and local surrounds on their surface. These pieces are then put in saggars filled with sawdust. When fired the carbon from the sawdust goes into the clay body result in moody black and greys with shots of silver and copper. The leaves act as a resist during the firing so that all that is left at the end  is their imprint. All my homewares are 100% foodsafe.

Porcelain Bead Necklaces

These necklaces were created as a result of my floating mosaics. When I finish a mosaic there is always some left over coloured clay. Making beads for jewellery felt like the perfect use of this clay. A collection of these necklaces are available in my Etsy shop. Just click on the ‘shop’ tab.

Floating Mosaic (The Spit 2014)

The floating mosaic was exhibited as part of a group show “Insitu @ 1 O’Connell St” in the foyer of 1 O’Connell St, Sydney in September 2014. H.1095mm W.1485mm

Black Fired Bowls & Beakers

Delicate handbuilt porcelain and mixed clay bowls are black fired using a carbon trapping technique. You may catch a glimpse of leaves which were pressed onto the pieces prior to firing.

Floating Mosaic (North Curl Curl Swimming Pool 2014)

My floating mosaic sits at the razor’s edge of fragility and strength. Small porcelain tiles have been stained using various oxides and commercial stains. These tiles are then joined together using black metallic rings. The image it creates is suspended within an anodised aluminium frame where it seems to float and flutter allowing the scene to come to life.

Grungy Little Beauties

This contemporary range of porcelain jewellery is made of oxide stained porcelain tiles on a stainless steel mat black chain. All the tiles and chains are handmade and can be customised upon request.  Wear them with your best death metal tshirt and jeans or go girly, like I do, and put them on with a slinky, silk dress.

Forest Floor Series

Inspired by a day’s daydreaming of walking through a forest. Peaceful and Calming.