Hello and welcome,

I am based in Sydney and my work is centred around pushing the boundaries of public perception on the capabilities of ceramics. Clay is a nuanced material that transcends the domestic environment and confidently straddles the perceived divide between art and design.

My career began by completing a Bachelor of Visual Art at Sydney College of the Arts majoring in ceramics and since then my practice has developed and strengthened.

I strive to inject my practice with subtlety and a whimsical strength which leads me to incorporate materials ranging from metal to plants. My work is stocked in retail stores, private residences and I have shown in group exhibitions.

What excites me is subverting the perception that ceramics has in the broader community and opening up a dialogue by producing works which are approachable, exciting, fun and sexy.


My Mark

My maker’s mark features on a discrete area of all my works. To me, the ritual of pressing my mark into clay is a sacred moment in the process, confirming not just that I have crafted the piece, but also that I’ve left a part of myself in it too. The simple, rounded initial is a nod to my love of calligraphy, of curves and of simplicity.